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Brochure and Video or CD ROM on Hair Restoration received on November 8, 2001
From Bosley Medical.

Book from received on March 29, 2001 Poster received on Feb. 1, 2001

Freedom from chaos poster

new stuff

Extreme Coffee Sticker makes Shock, the most potent, butt-kicking blend of coffee beans ever assembled. Nothing but premium beans naturally loaded with more than 50% more caffeine than your average gourmet brew. They're not kidding around with this stuff, they're talking about 200mg of heart-pounding caffeine per 6oz cup or 2oz espresso shot. So don't operate any heavy machinery or anything after you've powered down more than a few of these in one sitting. It's all-natural (which means they don't add anything, even caffeine). Besides making potent coffee, they're also giving away free stickers to help promote their stuff. Visit their site and get one to stick on something.

Be Happy Be Healthy book

Sample Of Pet Address Labels

Music CDs
The Missing Part [Full length vocal project from 1995]
The Nature of Love [Full length instrumental project, hymns and worship choruses]
The Church Across the Street [Radio Release single with performance track] (It also includes a performance track so you can perform it in your church or special event. )

Idea Kit and Catalog
Free Jonesville Paper Tube Idea Kit filled with samples and concepts that might inspire some great ideas of your own. And a brochure. 

Sample of PC cleaner

"Stop To Pray" Medallion

Vegetarian Starter Kit From PETA
 Have you been considering giving up meat? Does the thought of eating dead animals make you queasy? PETA would like to help you make themilor switch to a vegetarian diet.

Tee Shirt And Disaster Recovery Planning Guide

Victoria's Secret Catalog
Bras, panties, sleepwear...

A How to Buy a Diamond Book
Purchasing a diamond can be an intimidating experience, but with a little bit of knowledge, it can be a wonderful experience. To make you feel completely confident in making this exciting purchase, experts from have put together a fun, interactive How to Buy a Diamond Kit.

Beer Is Good For You Sticker is a website dedicated to providing beer drinkers around the world with a valuable resource of beer-related products and information. Their professional staff of research analysts, systems engineers, and out-of-work derelicts try to provide a useless website to peruse while your boss thinks you are working. 

Audio Tape
Sedona Method, your key to having more money, better relationships, more radiant health and well being and a greater sense of happiness and inner peace plus breaking bad habits and other self-sabotaging behaviors including: overeating, smoking and insomnia. You will also be able to free yourself from stress, tension, fear, anxiety, fatigue, depression, and uncontrolled anger and grief... by tapping your natural ability to let go of any uncomfortable or unwanted feeling on the spot.

Free Book "The Quotable Evans" by Richard Paul Evans - the author who wrote " The Christmas Box".(You have to subscribe to his mailing list).