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High Tatras - Tatranska Strba
August 26 - August 8, 2003

our accommodation in Strba,
hotel Mlyn at Salas
panoramatic view of High Tatras from Salas in Strba Strbske pleso (Strba tarn)

target: Velke Hincovo pleso (1946 m, area: 20,08 ha, depth: 53,7 m) is the biggest and the deepest tarn of the slovak area of High Tatras. It is situated in the upper part of Mengusovska valley under the Koprovsky pinnacle.


zigzag to Ostrva in the back above Popradske pleso (Poprad tarn)

let's go to Velke
Hincovo pleso

Velke Hincovo pleso

zigzag to Ostrva in the back again

Male Hincovo pleso on the way back

nice plants

target: Bystre sedlo (2314m), Furkotsky stit (2404m)

map Nove Strbske pleso (New Strba tarn) Furkotska valley Nizne Wahlenbergovo pleso Vysne Wahlenbergovo pleso view from Bystre sedlo (2314m) to Vysne Wahlenbergovo pleso Krivan from Bystre sedlo view from Furkotsky pinnacle  (2404m) to Okruhle and Capie pleso Skok waterfalls in  Mlynicka valley