New Year's Eve 2001 - Ihriste by Puchov
December 2001 - January 2002


We (Stevo-Steve, me-Silvia, Janko-John, Zuzka-Susan, Alenka, Gabo, Tomas-Tom, Petko-Peter, Palko-Paul and Sylvia) decided to spend the last days of the year 2001 in a beautiful cottage in a small village Ihriste which is situated 5km from Puchov town.  



The weather was wonderful. It was snowing all the time and there were up to one meter of snow everywhere. Peter was so happy because of it that he tried the depth of it. :-)

The cottage interior was really cosy so we spent every evening there eating baked potatoes with bacon and onion and drinking boiled wine. 


We had a disco of course and the clothes were soon taken off... 
And our paparazzi was always ready to take some interesting pics. :-)

These are the faces of my friends who drunk and danced too much last night. :-)) But they have to pull themselves together and go to ski to Puchov with others. 


Small warm-up on the parking area and then... Let's go on the ski-lift.

My effort in skiing was so big that I was skiing also uphill. :-)

Those who drank too much the day before were sill falling down. :-)
You can see the look from the highest part of the downhill run on the second picture.
And finally the New Years's Eve 2001 has come. First we visited Peter's grandparents and then we climbed on Stepnicka skala (Stepnica rock).

On the top of it we sang songs, we smiled, danced around the fire and made a fireworks.
As we drank a little bit on the top of Stepnicka skala, the way home looked like this. :-) But it was worth it and I hope the New Year's Eve 2002 will be at least funny as this one!