New Year's Eve 2002 - Trnava 

This year we tried to spend New Year's Eve another way. We chose restaurant in Trnava. 


Our group consisted of 3 pairs  (John and Susan, Tom and ?, Steve and me) and 1 individual (Paul). :-)

During this evening pairs were changed into the terns and tetrads. 

This is our group (without me) around our table. 

People from restaurant prepared us music, good mood and also  some food and drink.

We filled our stomachs and started to have a great entertainment. We were dancing, singing and having fun all the night.

Somebody also got sick during the night but we were still in a good mood. :-))

Then the midnight has come. We counted down the last seconds of the old year and opened bottle of champagne.

After the sentiment and kisses we went out to look fireworks on the Trinity Square.

Then we had a night out till morning.

And till this candle lighted... It took such a short time. :-(