Skalka pri Kremnici (Skalka by Kremnitz)
9-14 March 2002

From March 9th to March 14th I was with my boyfriend in Skalka pri Kremnici (Skalka by Kremnitz) where we were skiing a little bit. It's better to go there by car as the bus from Kremnica (Kremnitz) takes people to Skalka only 1 or 2 times a day and only in the morning.  

While we were waiting for a man who had to take us to a hostel Limba where we have booked an accomodation, we looked around a Kremnitz centre and visited a pizzeria La Nonna there. It is situated right against the green hotel in the picture. Pizza is very tasty there and service is great, too.

After the arrival we accomodated ourselves in a hostel Limba. It is a quite nice and large hostel but the service is not so good there. You can still feel a socialistic influence there. But they cook great and you can choose from 3 kinds of breakfasts and lunches there. 

Here is a map with all ski-lifts and downhill runs on the north side. 


There was a 280m long and not so difficult downhill run right under our window. It costed 10 Slovak crowns per drive. On its end there was another downhill run, 170m long a costed 5 Sk. First picture was taken from our window early in the morning. 

Here we are in the end of the downhill run under our hostel. The weather was wonderfull all the time so we could also sun there. 


So, this is one of my "death rides". :-) I know it looks that the speed is not so high but when you have ski on your legs you never feel it like a slow ride when you are a beginner. :-)

On the right picture you can see a ski-lift called Blondy which is only 75m long and is the better place for children. That is the reason it goes soooo slow and we did only one ride there and we look for some quicker and steeper. 

  Another downhill run was called Romik. It is long about 700m. I was very afraid while skiing there from the beginning. But it was no problem for my boyfriend as you can see on the third picture. 
And these are my troubles and tries right on the downhill run. :-)
The steeper downhill run was called Turček with his length about 900m. By the way, Turček and Romik are the same downhill run from the second third of them.
And this is my well-earned rest after my ski tries. :-)