On August 1st 2003 we left Bratislava for Spain. First stop was at about 1 p.m. in Klagenfurt (Austria), the second stop was at 6 p.m., the third one at 10:30 p.m. in Italy, the fourth one at 4:30 a.m. in France, the last but one was at 9:15 in Spain and finally at about 10 a.m. next day we finished our traveling in Calella.
Calella is situated 45 minutes from Barcelona and its symbol is a lighthouse built in 1859. 

We were accommodated at hotel Fragata** (that small one in the middle between Haro Mar and Internacional hotels). Our room had no balcony and bathroom looked terrible so we preferred going to the beach.  
The sea was very nice, beaches and water were clear, so we enjoyed it a lot. Btw: Calella has 3 km of beaches, also a nudist one. :-)


  Temperatures were still very high (about 35°C) so we preferred to lie under the sunshade.
Next day we took part in a foam party in the street.


    We played with Coca Cola chair on the beach.
We preferred beaches which are situated closer to the lighthouse ("Les Roques" (Roca Grossa) and Platja Gran) because there were also rocks and fish there.

We bought an Explorer 200 boat with paddles. We always went to the farther beaches on foot and back we came with our boat and sea waves. :-)
We also made a trip to Barcelona. You can see Sagrada Familia on the right. It is still under construction and will be finished probable in 40 years.

Beautiful view of Barcelona and its port is from "Mayor's view". It is an ancient fortress. You can go there by car or by cableway.
We visited also an Olympic Stadium.
These are the pictures from aquarium in Barcelona.


Then we went to Montjuic with its Spanish square, National palace and marvelous night performance of magic fountains.
Eevery day we went to Calella centre, which consists of many streets and more than 400 shops. You can see a Casa de los Cactus (Cactus house) on the third picture. Have you ever seen such a tall cactuses?
Evenings we spent at bars and restaurants for example in a nice restaurant which belongs to Garbí hotel (last picture).

And this is a Garbí promenade, which goes along the beach.
This beach is also called by Garbí. Garbí is southwest wind, the wind that comes from the sea in Catalonia. (Special thanks to Pilar from Calella who explained this to me.)


For 17€ you can make a trip with a boat with glass window (www.dofijetboats.com) along Costa Maresme (Sea coast) a Costa Brava (Wild coast). Zou will se town coasts and beaches of Pineda de Mar, St. Susana, Malgrat, Blanes, Lloret de Mar and the others.
Last stop of the boat trip is a magic ancient village with romantic streets and coves - Tossa de Mar known for its ruins from 12. century. But when we saw the overloaded beach we were happy that we live at Calella. :-)

Although Tossa is better for diving.  

In general we liked Spain a lot and especially their food and drinks like paella, sangria and so on. :-)